SonicBlast Festival postponed to 2022

As you know, in 2021 we were going to celebrate the 10th edition of SonicBlast, and since September 2019 we have been working hard to bring you the best celebration of this incredible milestone. A celebration as much ours as yours, belonging to all of those who have always been with us throughout these past editions.
Despite the adversities, we continued to work throughout the year, eager to inaugurate a new venue at Duna dos Caldeirões Beach in Âncora, with the support of Caminha City Hall, the Âncora Parish Council and Âncora Praia, in order to honor the commitment to the municipality of Caminha and maintaining the cultural offer of quality, safely and with the best that psychedelic rock and stoner rock have to offer.
However, keeping the current pandemic situation that limits the circulation between many countries, it is impossible for us to guarantee the presence of many artists at SonicBlast due to the postponement and cancellation of many of their summer tours. In this scenario, unfortunately, we are left with the option of postponing our party until the summer of 2022.
In this context, it is important to remember that we will always be with you and that the 10th edition of the festival will not be forgotten nor cancelled, only postponed to August 2022 – a time when we can be together to celebrate the best psychedelic and stoner rock music.
We will have news soon about the lineup for the epic edition we are preparing for August 11, 12 and 13, 2022.
Tickets purchased for the 2021 edition are valid for SonicBlast 2022. In case of refund requests, these should be addressed to the box office from which you purchased your tickets from the 14th and until the 30th of June.
See you soon!