THANK YOU so much for this incredible weekend!

Thanks to all that came from all over to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was a great celebration of culture, friendship, love, tolerance and MUSIC!

Thanks to all the bands that accepted our invitation to be part of this milestone, to all the staff without which this wouldn’t be possible and specially to Caminha Município for all the support and effort to make this days unforgettable and for the great efficiency and will in solving all issues that we faced.

Many thanks to Junta de Freguesia de Âncora for all the efforts to make your stay easier and more comfortable, and to all Âncora residents and Âncora Praia Futebol Clube for receiving us so well in SonicBlast’s new home!

This is just the beginning and we’ll have news very soon.

See you at (9), 10, 11 and 12th August 2023⚡️⚡️