We’re so proud and honored to announce 16 more bands!

We’re so proud and honored to announce 16 more bands that’ll blow our minds this summer, at SonicBlast Fest 2023 ⚡️⚡️⚡️The Black AngelsThurston Moore Group, BombinoDozerCRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (official)ImarhanHällasScowl, SPY, SasquatchLOVE GANGMythic SunshipEtran de L’AïrDANAVAMirror Queen and scatterbrainiac!!

Join us in this crazy heavy psychedelic weekend by the ocean at Praia da Duna dos Caldeirões, Âncora, Portugal!

*** more to be announced soon ***
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Artwork by Branca Studio

The first bands to SonicBlast Fest 2023!

We’re so psyched to announce the first bands to join us at SonicBlast Fest’s 11th edition: OFF!, Acid King, A Place To Bury Strangers, Earthless, KADAVAR, Elder, EYEHATEGOD, Death Valley Girls, Church of Misery, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Weedpecker, Mondo Generator, Naxatras, Kanaan – Band, BLACK RAINBOWS, Acid Mammoth, Monarch, Spirit Mother and El Altar Del Holocausto! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

*** many more to be announced soon ***

Full festival tickets are already on sale.

Artwork by Branca Studio

THANK YOU so much for this incredible weekend!

Thanks to all that came from all over to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was a great celebration of culture, friendship, love, tolerance and MUSIC!

Thanks to all the bands that accepted our invitation to be part of this milestone, to all the staff without which this wouldn’t be possible and specially to Caminha Município for all the support and effort to make this days unforgettable and for the great efficiency and will in solving all issues that we faced.

Many thanks to Junta de Freguesia de Âncora for all the efforts to make your stay easier and more comfortable, and to all Âncora residents and Âncora Praia Futebol Clube for receiving us so well in SonicBlast’s new home!

This is just the beginning and we’ll have news very soon.

See you at (9), 10, 11 and 12th August 2023⚡️⚡️

30% discount on Comboios de Portugal!

CP – Comboios de Portugal (trains of Portugal) offers 30% discount in your round trip to SonicBlast Fest!

– 30% off round trips to Âncora-Praia, if you show your admission ticket to the event when you buy your train ticket and on board the train.
– Discount valid from 10 to 14 August if you show your admission ticket to the event and your identification document.
– This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special offers.
– The dates and times can be changed as long as the discount is valid and tickets can be refunded according to the conditions.

More info here.

Day Schedule is out now!

For those who are going to arrive early, we’ve prepared a free(*) welcome party at the 10th!

(*)only for festival ticket holders

There are only a few full festival tickets available in Masqueticket ⚡️ BOL full fest tickets are already sold out!

⚡️More infos coming soon⚡️

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– Camping will be open from 10th to 14th August.

– Camping is free for full festival ticket holders.

– It is located near by the fest venue.

– It’ll be enclosed and it’ll have security.

– We’ll have an area with toilets and cold showers for camping users.

– It is NOT allowed to camp outside the camping limits.

– It is NOT allowed to camp outside the time limit authorized for the fest

– It is NOT allowed to park any kind of motor vehicle inside or near by the camping area (there are caravan spots in the neighbouring towns of Vila Praia de Âncora and Gelfa; both towns are at a walking distance to the fest)


– It is NOT allowed to make any kind of fire.

– It is NOT allowed to cook.

– It is NOT allowed to leave any garbage inside the camping zone. We’ll have plenty of garbage cans. It is very important to not leave anything that can fuel any kind of accident.


A million thanks for all the incredible efforts of Caminha Município in making this posible!

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Today we’re also so proud to announce that the new portuguese superband ⚡️COBRAFUMA⚡️, featuring members of some of the best portuguese underground bands like Killimanjaro, Plus Ultra and Greengo, will join us in our 10th anniversary 🔥🔥🔥
Unfortunately We Hunt Buffalo and Tia Carrera cancelled their presence in SonicBlast Fest 2022 for personal reasons. We wish them all the best and wish to have them around sometime soon.

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