Are the tickets purchased for SonicBlast Fest 2021 valid for SonicBlast Fest 2022?

Yes, tickets purchased for the 2021 edition are automatically valid for 2022, no action on your part is required.

How can I exchange my ticket for a wristband?

To access the festival you must exchange your ticket for a wristband at the local box office, near the entrance of the venue. The ticket offices will be open from August 10th to 14th, between 10am and 4:30am.

Which tickets give access to the camping site?

General passes give access to the camping site. Daily tickets do not give access to the camping site.

The SonicBlast Fest campsite is located in the forest. Therefore, what are the rules I have to follow?

All the rules and information about the camping are available here.

Can I enter and leave the venue?

Yes, all SonicBlast Fest tickets allow you to enter and exit the venue, as long as you have already exchanged your ticket for a wristband.

Once I have my wristband on, can I take it off?

No. Any visible damage to the wristband will result in non-entry. The wristband will function as a ticket at the entrance to facilitate control. Therefore, if it is found to be sewn or loose, you will not be able to enter the venue.

Can I park next to the venue or camping?

No. The single access road to the venue and camping will be cut off to traffic and parking, in order to facilitate the free circulation of emergency and staff vehicles.

Can I access the festival grounds with drinks or food?

You cannot enter the venue with drinks and/or food.

Is there a food court at the festival? Will it have vegetarian and/or vegan options?

Yes, there is a food court on the festival ground and it will have vegetarian and vegan options.

Since the general passes are sold out, will there be passes for sale at the local box office?

No, the general passes are sold out and there will be no more for sale.

How can I access the opening party on the 10th?

If you have a ticket to the festival, general or day pass, you can access the opening party on the 10th. You’ll have to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the local box office, at the festival entrance.

What is the exact location of the festival site?

The festival will take place in the parking lot next to the Âncora Praia Futebol Clube facilities, next to Duna do Caldeirão Beach, at Rua de Águas Férreas, Âncora parish.

GPS: 41º48’23”N 8º51’44”W

What is the exact location of the camping?

The camping site will be located in the forest area near Duna do Caldeirão Beach.

GPS: 41º48’22”N 8º51’40”W

Where can I park my car?

There are many parking lots around the festival.

Here are some references:

41º48’07”N 8º51’22”W ;

41º47’57”N 8º52’15”W ;

41º47’51”N 8º52’15”W ;

41º48’37”N 8º51’33”W

Is there any taxi service I can use?

Yes, Taxis Filipe.

Phone numbers : 258 323 946 / 964 356 823 / 934 356 823

Which is the nearest train station?

Âncora-Praia is the nearest station, just 1km from the festival venue. There’s also a discount for ticket holders, more info about that here.